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After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor degree in Animal Science, I pursued a career in animal research to fulfill my desire to work with animals.  But on my first job out of college, I found myself more engaged with understanding how the business works, and analyzing the details behind its operations.  It was clear to me then that, while I had a passion to work with animals, I did not share the same passion for the work itself.  Switching my career at such a pivotal point of my life was a difficult decision, but I knew it was the appropriate one.

After making the switch, I spent several years working in a number of entry level accounting positions.  While I progressed quickly in my career as an accountant, I realized that I needed a boost to further my career prospects.  In researching a number of Master of Accountancy programs in the DC area, I found the MSA program offered by CUA to be the perfect option for me.  In addition to having an exceptional faculty, the MSA program at CUA offered the courses I needed to help me become a polished and marketable accounting professional.

The professors in the CUA MSA program are highly knowledgeable, approachable and are very willing to help students outside of the classrooms. The professors and advisors go beyond their typical responsibilities to help students with their academic needs and career developments. 

The MSA program at CUA provided me with a better understanding of advanced accounting principles, tools, and ethical guidelines that can be readily applied in the real world.  The MSA curriculum not only furthered my knowledge and skills, but it instilled me with the confidence I needed to demonstrate to prospective employers that I am a polished and well-rounded accountant.

Immediately following graduation, I had a job at Cohn Reznick.

- Hannah Chang, MSA graduate (Dec 2014)
  B.S. in Animal Science


My decision to remain at CUA in pursuit of my Masters in Accounting was due to my relationships with my mentor, Professor Kirst, and other faculty members within the accounting program. As an undergraduate psychology major with a minor in accounting, these relationships caused me to consider accounting as a career and later enroll in the MSA program. I found all of my accounting classes to be engaging learning experiences, which further fostered my interest in accounting.

The mentorship that the program offers is my favorite aspect of the program. I have been very fortunate to have Professor Kirst and Professor Heim, and other professors, to help guide me and offer advice. They genuinely care about my academic progress and future in the field.

Professor Kirst has been instrumental in contacting the “Big 4” accounting firm recruiters and preparing me for the interview process. He has helped to expand my network by contacting former students who are currently employed at these firms, many of whom were able to give me firsthand advice on the recruitment process.

I started working as an Accounting Intern at Theological College during the summer of 2014 and I continue to work there part-time during the MSA program. Upon graduation, I will be working at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms.

-Kaitlyn Kavanagh, MSA 2015 (expected)
 B.A. in Psychology



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In addition to the exceptional faculty, the MSA program at CUA offered all of the courses I needed to become a polished accountant.

- Hannah Chang, 2014